Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple

+ Lapis Lazuli

Sun 15 Oct 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £12.00

Acid Mothers Temple return for a 3rd invasion of Psychedelic Space Rock…
After thrilling previous encounters they return again.

The core of the band formed in 1995 and led on guitar by Kawabata Makoto.

In terms of a noise driven rock show, they tend to display the full gambit with vocal looping, bowed guitars and songs that disappear down unsuspecting paths, then dart back in the opposite direction with the audience gripping on for dear life while they witness a performance like no other.

Quoted from a previous show – “Listening without ear plugs at something like this… it’s like sex without a condom”. This remark held painfully true, as the Acid Mothers Temple live experience is anything but safe.

The band have notched up 50 albums plus over the last 20 years. Not much more to say really than… Darkest Kent, you now know what to expect.

Acid Mothers Temple – Boiler Room