Wolfgang Flür (ex- Kraftwerk)

Wolfgang Flür (ex- Kraftwerk)

Thu 09 Nov 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £15.00

Wolfgang Flür ex- Kraftwerk
Selected electro tunes for dancing

Wolfgang Flür is best known as the electro drummer of German electronic super group Kraftwerk between 1973 and 1986.

This doesn’t give Wolfgang enough credit. He along with his Kraftwerk musical partner Florian Schneider developed the world’s very first electronic drum machines. This changed musical history, the group’s transition from Krautrockers into the original and very first Electric Quartet – changed the face of music forever!

Where did the hip-hop nation steal the electro drums from that drove Africa Bambaataa’s rhythms…? Who inspired every electronic release over the last 20 years…? Wolfgang Flür’s amazing development and his colossus of a band KRAFTWERK did!

Since 2004 Flür has been DJ’ing world-wide in clubs and festivals, playing tech house, industry and electro specialties of his own, over video projections and rare images from his Kraftwerk past shot to his present projects – he likes to call it ‘selected electro tunes for dancing’.

Wolfgang sees himself as a music presenter with historical electric background. Post Kraftwerk he’s busied himself writing books and collaborating with all sorts of intriguing musical master minds.

What a treat Thanet, this appearance is one of only a few this year.