+ Plus guests

Sat 27 Jan 2018 7:30 pm


Tickets: £8.00

Anabollic Steroids + guests
Includes late night after show party with Soundhouse djs.
7:30pm – 2am
+ Late night after show party with SOUNDHOUSE DJ’s COLLECTIVE
TICKETS: £8.00 ADV (includes Ltd Edition CD) / £10.00 DOOR

It was 1978, and it seemed that Punk, along with the Sex Pistols, had played its hand and become just another rock n roll swindle. Two young punks decided this stunk and used the exclamation to devise a blag of their own. It all began when they recorded some Peel Sessions off the radio and circulated a tape as their own demo to school mates and placed fictitious gigs in the music paper listings of the day… Thus was born the culture of ‘Stink!’ and the Anabollic Steroids, who celebrate their 40th Anniversary this year.

Musically the Steroids sit alongside second gen punk bands like UK Subs and The Ruts, their heyday being between 1980 and 1983, during which they played their brand of punk (Stink Rock) at many memorable gigs starting out at DIY events at local church and village halls and then venues such as, Skunx, the Red Lion, The Moonlight, Wapping Anarchist Centre… Renowned for their often cutting humour, one string bass, instrument swapping, switching vocalists, fierce independence, graffiti campaigns, in-house fanzine (Ability Stinks) and plain old desire to have a beer and a laugh with mates.

FW to 2012 and Anabollic Steroids organised a Stink Reunion at the much missed 12 Bar Club in Soho, which led to the band accidentally reforming (with 3/4 original members) and have since played with many old mates including Crisis, Vibrators, TV Smith and The UK Subs.

With members now residing in Kent and Thanet, (well all old punks end up by the coast) we just had to book them for their nostalgic Big Four O Party, especially as they are giving us their brand new ltd, hand-numbered CD, “Carry On Stinking!” to give away absolutely free to everyone who buys an advance ticket (also available to purchase on the night, if paying at the door).

In keeping with the 40th anniversary theme we like to welcome “Transmission Control”, a homage to the music of “Joy Division”.

Give the local youngsters a go! We have not failed once again and welcome the cracking “Rats Nest”, who will be playing their 3rd gig. You’ll also be able to purchase their debut CD, which will be released on the 26th of January.

It’s a pleasure to also have “Russ Crimewave” on the bill. He had his stinker baptism at Undercover last year!! He has now traded his acoustic guitar for an Electric one, so now he is louder and heavier than ever. You have been warned!

The night’s celebrations will continue after 11pm until 2am with an after show party with some classic stinkin’ tunes from Soundhouse DJ’s!.