Once & Future Band

Once & Future Band

+ Dreamweaver

Sun 04 Mar 2018 7:30 pm

Tickets: £9.00


Art’s Cool present
Once and Future Band
who will be fresh from their dates on the Oh Sees curated Castlemania tour!

+ special guest DJs
Early doors at 7:00pm

Joel Robinow (keyboards/guitar/vocals), Raj Ojha (drums), Eli Eckert (bass/guitar/vocals) and Raze Regal (guitar) have been confidantes and conspirators for greater part of two decades, collaborating in Drunk Horse, Howlin’ Rain, East Bay Grease and many other projects.

Originally convening to record Joel’s massive library of songs before being lost to the ages after the Great Hard Drive Crash of ‘12, the band quickly began writing new material both individually and collectively.

Matt Jones (Castle Face Records) sums them up:
“In the vapor trail of “How Does It Make You Feel” you can smell the burnt ozone of a seventies-full-orchestra-nebula-pop-odyssey, the flakes floating down and landing on you like snow and giving you the grave-chills… the ash of a masterpiece pop song.

Once and Future Band are an incredibly accomplished cabal of total prog wizards. A very mid 70s vibe at work surpassing pastiche and crests that lovely anachronistic conceptual peak – a meticulously arranged psych record meant to be listened to from top to bottom, with the lights down low while gazing out the window of your life pod.

A Dark Side of the Moon feel, with shades of early Yes’s technicality, a dash of Steely Dan’s vocal prowess and effortless sheen.

We didn’t realize how much we needed Once and Future Band in our life, but now that they’re here we can’t get them out of our brains or off of our stereo. Making prog cool again, again, and then slightly more complicatedly, again.”


Once and Future Band – Rolando