21st October 2022 7:30 pm - 22nd October 2022 12:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Ex Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine man Les Carter’s band Abdoujaparov have been touring worldwide for the past 21 years, making friends, breaking stuff and generally making a big racket…

They rock up in Ramsgate on October 21st for some good-time guzzling punk!

Formed on October 19th 1998 by ex-Carter USM guitarist Les Carter (aka Fruitbat). Abdoujaparov‘s musical foundations are the joyous and shambolic influences of 1977 punk rock. The music is raucous, fast and sometimes a bit country. The lyrics are rude, tender, funny and frequently a little unwell.

The band Abdoujaparov is named after a professional cyclist from Uzbekistan, who was famous for being extremely competitive in sprinting. In fact he was so determined that he would often knock other riders off their bikes with his unusual and erratic riding style. My favourite incident was when he run over a policeman who was trying to take photos at the Tour De France. He was banned from cycling two years ago for drugs offences.

The band features a constantly changing line-up depending on where and when they are playing. Check out the Abdou Family Tree for the gory details. In 2018 Abdoujaparov celebrated their 20th anniversary with a hugely successful and sold out gig at London’s 100 Club.

“A triumphant return. It’s a different Abdoujaparov; a more mature sounding band, even, but any changes are for the better” Real Gone Rocks

“It keeps the punk pop roots of Les’ teenage years, but there is also something new, intriguing and almost worldly in these songs” Maximum Volume