8th September 2023 8:30 pm - 9th September 2023 2:30 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ





OBESE (Live)

YELLOW MACHINES is a vinyl & Digital label running since 2007 by ScanOne. Now a Ramsgate based forward thinking electronic output. Hybrids of Electro, Breakbeat, IDM, Old School Hardcore, Bleep & Jungle.

“If there’s one man who embodies rave spirit in modern dance music it’s Jerome Hill”FACT Mag


Owner of a seemingly endless library of music Jerome began DJing in 1990, honing his craft on London’s illegal warehouse party scene of the mid nineties and today juggling a hectic gig schedule where he strives to find, as FACT magazine described it “precisely how much funk is possible for raw and uncompromising electronics to have” utilising a deep love of the music and his infamous ‘hands on’ scratching and mixing skills that have made him a crowd favourite all over the world.

The sheer momentum and creativity of Jerome’s sets coupled with his timing in dropping unexpected gems in a context created on the fly never fails to throw up impromptu moments that are symbolic of the true rave spirit
Sole proprietor of the labels Don’t (est. 2000), Super Rhythm Trax, Bleeper, Fat Hop and Hornsey Hardcore, Jerome also runs the fiercely underground Don’t club night in London, now entering it’s 7th year as well as presenting a long running weekly radio show ‘The Roots Of Rave’ on London’s Kool FM.

In Jerome there is an unquenchable enthusiasm that ignites an endless supply of possibilities; with no one sequence sounding the same, and an infinite love for dance music that shows no signs of diminishing. It’s ‘proper’ DJing in its no-mucking-about nature. An explosion of energy that is capable of lighting up any dancefloor in the world.



A regular on the radio and the rave since the early days of Pulse 90.6FM and Helter Skelter. Multi-genre with an ear for the new as well as Random dippage from all the pasts. Co-founder of Rag & Bone records and more recently aliasing as Hooverian Blur. Releases on Sneaker Social Club, West Norwood Cassette Library, Yellow Machines, Balkan Vinyl and Furthur Electronix. Expect a set that takes in all these angles.



ScanOne – Yellow Machines label owner and sub labels Modified Magic and C7NEMA100.

A DJ and record collector since the early 90’s and producer for over 25 years, also known for his live Audio Visual sets.
ScanOne’s tracks and DJ sets combine elements of all his influences from Britcore, Bleep, Old School Hardcore, Jungle, Electro, IDM and Breakbeat.

Having played in underground and major venues across the globe, ScanOne continues to explore the myriad of genres of underground music.



Obese stands at the crossroads between breaks, electro, grime, techno and drum & bass – resulting in a wild potion of UK bass sounds filtered through distortion and a punk attitude.

Having spent 25 years in and around the UK free-party scene this cross-genre polymath (Nick Ronin aka Ronin, Villain, Force Majeure, Killdren) uses the Obese alias for the low-end and fun part of his musical persona.

The music is a distillation of free-party endurance with the dexterity of breakbeat science – served up with a dollop of humour.