31st October 2021 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

One of Canada’s most acclaimed art-rock bands are returning to Ramsgate (for real, this time!).

Braids have solidified a decade-long reputation for their musical ingenuity, weaving organic and electronic elements together amidst a lyrical landscape that is intimate and emotionally-immersive. 

Simply sublime. A real treat for Halloween 2021!

“Braids project dreams onto iridescent lakes and marvel at how they glimmer, and the results are every bit as lovely as that sounds”Drowned in Sound

Braids have been taking the time and space necessary for little miracles to occur. Burrowed in their Montreal studio, the band has spent the better part of three years crafting ‘Shadow Offering’, their 4th album, due out in April 2020 via their new label home, Secret City.

Unlike previous albums, Braids decided to stay close to home for the recording of ‘Shadow Offering’. Taking over a spacious sound recording studio tucked in an old warehouse, the band were able to slow down and creatively rediscover themselves. “With this album, we wanted to give ourselves time to achieve a higher caliber of artistry and collaboration,” Tufts says. No longer riding the novelty of youth, the band deliberately took time to recommit to themselves and their craft, and channel new energy into their music. They wrote 40 songs. They went through their Saturn Returns. They learnt how to support one another better. They drank a lot of La Croix.

A luscious and expansive release, ‘Shadow Offering’ leads us through a sonic tapestry of narrative. With heart-breaking honesty and precision, listeners traverse a nuanced and complicated world: one full of beautiful contradiction. Although the album directs itself at the failures of people to love and be loved, it also seeks to restore justice and attain blissful union. Its arc crests through the dark towards the light and learns how to dance with the dizzying rhythms of the heart. The songs bubble, sustain, dissolve, expand, retract.

 “A masterclass in restrained beauty”NME

“It’s every bit as mesmerizing and vertiginous as desire can be”The New York Times

 “A musical mash-up of acoustic and electronic influences that’s both achingly vulnerable and tentatively joyful”Exclaim