15th July 2023 9:00 pm - 16th July 2023 3:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Deep State returns to Ramsgate Music Hall with a brand new line-up!

Resident DJs Emma K, Karl Johnson and Sasha Lacroix, are joined by legendary techno DJ and producer Colin Dale alongside Rob Fung (Funky Fung’s Factory) and Whitstable legend Joe Wrafter.

Colin Dale has been at the forefront of the UK electronic music scene since the early 1900s. He began his career as a DJ in the acid house and rave scene of the late 1980s, honing his skills at clubs like London’s legendary Shoom and Spectrum parties.

In the early 1990s, Colin Dale became a resident DJ at the groundbreaking Kiss FM radio station, where he hosted his own show, ‘Abstract Dance’, which showcased the best in underground techno, house, and electronica. His show quickly became a must-listen for fans of cutting-edge dance music, and he soon became one of the most influential DJs in the UK.

As a producer, Colin Dale has released a string of critically acclaimed records on labels like Abstrakt Dance, Plink Plonk, and his own imprint, ‘Parallel Recordings’. His music is known for its deep, driving basslines, intricate rhythms, and futuristic soundscapes, and he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in electronic music, including Carl Craig, Derrick May, and Juan Atkins.

Colin Dale has performed at some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world, including Fabric in London, Berghain in Berlin, and Sonar in Barcelona. He is also known for his skill as a DJ, blending together diverse genres and styles to create a unique and unforgettable sound.

With over three decades of experience in the music industry, Colin Dale remains a true pioneer of techno, and his influence can still be heard in the work of countless DJs and producers around the world. Whether in the studio or behind the decks, he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music and inspire a new generation of artists and fans.

Joining Colin is new Ramsgate resident Rob Fung, founder of Funky Fung’s Records, who has now made Ramsgate his base. Rob has had a varied career, playing at London’s top venues, and is well known for his engaging sets and interaction with the crowd. Fresh of the back of his Miami tour, Rob will be bringing to you his signature funky techno beats, infused with the Miami sound.

This is not your typical tech house night – this is Progressive-Techno-House! Your DJs will take you on a journey with uplifting melodies to deep, moody tribal beats and funky basslines with a techno edge. Expect rhythms that penetrate deep within your soul, evoking the classic era of techno-house.

Your DJs will be dropping tunes from their respective backgrounds, including Emma K‘s signature bouncy tribal rhythms and filthy face twisters, honed at her days at Manchester’s The Phoenix, Karl Johnson with his signature tough progressive techno style, and Sasha Lacroix‘s uplifting melodies and dreamy progressive house. Together, they will create a medley of styles that blend seamlessly to create an atmosphere where memories are made.

Become part of our tribe and get ready to experience an unforgettable night of eclectic music that you will still be talking about in years to come!