6th February 2020 7:30 pm - 7th February 2020 12:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

We are incredibly excited to announce a HUGELY special show with one of the most beloved names in indie rock!

Giant Drag is the brainchild of L.A cult hero Annie Hardy, whose knowing lyrics and washes of guitar suggest a mix of My Bloody Valentine, The Breeders and PJ Harvey. She is absolutely one of the coolest people on this goddamn planet.

The Resurrection Tour will reach Ramsgate on February 6th – it promises classic grungey rock ballad favourites and some new antics, courtesy of Annie Hardy 3.0.

“I’m excited to hit the road with an all sober touring party of angelic souls and be able to experience these beautiful countries with a clear mind and balanced spirit. Even though it’s going to be cold as balls”Annie Hardy

Annie Hardy has been through several incarnations at this point; the girl we came to know and love, voted 50th Coolest Person in The World by NME in the day. Then came Annie Hardy 2.0 who gave us the chaotic yet magical Giant Drag Farewell Tour. Post-farewell Hardy has seen much loss and tragedy, her infant son and his father both died within the same year, friend and bassist Alvin DeGuzman died of cancer and even her cat was tragically killed. Through it all, somehow, she has transmuted her pain into glorious works of art such as 2017’s debut solo LP ‘Rules’ and in so doing has been transformed into Annie Hardy 3.0, a ballsy powerhouse of freestyling comedy mastery with the same vulnerability and tender heart that has always been her mainstay. 

Annie Hardy explains the unusual story of how this tour has come about:

“All I did was post something on social media to celebrate the six year anniversary of the Giant Drag farewell tour which forever changed my life. I tagged Dr. Kiko and Amos Memon who had played drums.  I made an IG post about the tour and Kiko said “let’s do it again!” To which I replied “yes let’s!” Not thinking I’d be faced with having to actually leave my cat Goostine and get on an airplane. To my shock and horror Kiko has put together in four days what usually takes an agent 9 weeks to do and it would appear that I’m coming back to see my people in Europe and UK! The best part is that, like last tour, people are helping me out of the kindness of their hearts and because they think I’m a good person and believe in my talent. Quite a change of pace from the projections of the fallen people that surround me here in America. It’s life affirming and validating and restorative to my spirit to be able to come back and take Giant Drag on another run around the only place that matters, Europe and the United Kingdom”

“Influences find their way through the music in little fits, with the Beach Boys surfacing here, Nirvana poking up there, and My Bloody Valentine erupting through the occasional racket more often than both of them”AllMusic

“The indie rock world needs piss-takers like Hardy to rap about erections between songs”The Skinny

“A JT LeRoy heroine, wielding a barbed guitar to fend off the fist-kisses, the damaged inner child we’re all expected to keep hidden. We adore her almost as self-protection”The Guardian