25th April 2024 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Mother Brain bring Bristol-based post-punk band Heavy Lungs to Ramsgate on Thursday 25th April!

Touring extensively across the UK and Europe, Heavy Lungs are only just getting started with their plans for world domination. Attracting significant radio play already with fans including Steve Lamacq and Iggy Pop at BBC 6music, and sharing stages with the likes of METZ, Thee Oh Sees, IDLES, JOHN, CROWS, and DITZ, the band have always been in good company.

Support comes from Sheena: sludgy doom-punk duo from Medway. Described as a deafening racket and a bloody good time.

“Heavy Lungs are genuinely thrilling, refreshingly wild and punk as hell… putting the pedal to the metal as they apply all the gas and absolutely no breaks. Be sure to go and see them if they come speeding through your town”Louder than War

Quickly writing and recording an EP and playing their first show within months of forming, Heavy Lungs have been a band hungry from the off. Honing their craft and strengthening their bond as a unit, the quartet have gone from strength to strength, even through a global pandemic.

If you’re wondering what being a part of their particular gang is like, they describe it as “something similar to dating three people at the same time. Daunting, exhausting, but not without some very serious privileges. We share a lot of mutual friends, interests, hates, postcodes, dietary restrictions, debts, UBERs, dreams, nightmares, vices and daddy issues.”

Freshly signed to Alcopop! Records for 2023 and now sitting on the precipice of releasing their debut album All Gas No Brakes later this year, it’s a record that does exactly what it says on the tin—a fast, ferocious, and furiously fun ride.

“This album was the eventuality of us settling into more familiar sonic territory, whereas the string of EPs were the outcome of us changing, finding our feet, and experimenting,” says George of AGNB. “We’d write half an album and then Oli would buy a new amp or pedal that would alter our direction, or we’d verge into a different state that would warrant us to punctuate that change with the release of an EP.”

“An accomplished bunch of noisy buggers having fun, delivering vital, real stuff that simply must be seen with a hefty pair of ear plugs”NARC

“The sheer amount dynamic sounds and elasticity that Heavy Lungs operate with throughout is promising for post-punk in the UK”Distorted Sound

“A truly brilliant, impressive and memorable debut with an overarching narrative of ‘giving it your all’ being conveyed throughout by stunning songwriting and a cheeky, downright enviable sense of humour and self-worth”Noizze