30th April 2022 9:00 pm - 1st May 2022 3:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

We’re back! Bank holiday Saturday, April 30th at the Ramsgate Music Hall, with techno legend Mark Broom!

Tickets here – https://ra.co/events/1513727

Event page here – https://www.facebook.com/events/491436325788685

Sending us all into May on the back of a rocket booster, to sunnier days and warmer nights, a time when happiness and the natural joys of life start seeping back into our Vitamin D deprived brains and we are once again reminded we live by the sea and are going to God damn enjoy it, we’re throwing a goodbye winter and hello summer party to blow out the cobwebs and shelter us all for a brief moment in a news free bubble where music and dancing reign supreme.

Headlining is none other than the mighty Mark Broom. This is another huge booking for a venue like the Music Hall and Mark has kindly agreed to knock the private jet and entourage of 500 record bag carriers off his rider, tell the rest of the techno scene “sorry I’m busy at a little night in Ramsgate”, and do us a solid by treating us to a 2 hour set, during which he’ll take us on a journey through jacking and up for it techno, before settling in to serious disco to send us all home on a high.

An incredibly prolific producer since the early 90s, Mark has worked with labels such as Blueprint, Rekids, M-Plant, EPM, Cocoon, Bpitch Control, Warp and more, and alongside artists such as Robert Hood, Floorplan, Alan Fitzpatrick and Gary Beck. Never one to blow his own trumpet, but at the same time a producer whose name is impossible to ignore, expect zero business techno, Drumcode scenesters or Village People.

Supporting Mark we have 2 fantastic DJs and real vinyl heads: local jungle guru Thumbzo, who it turns out has been stashing a serious collection of nineties techno bangers (we’re not joking when we say serious – we think jungle may have been little more than a cover story this whole time), and our good friend Jonny Lawrence, an extremely accomplished producer and DJ with a back catalogue of gigs longer than this event description, who’s going to take us on a journey through modern techno with no compromise on quality and a fine eye for what’s hot or not.

Last but certainly not least, we are continuing the theme from last November’s party by offering up the opening set to an extremely promising and talented producer to flex his first ever live set, ladies and gentlemen, a roll call please for My Colleague. He’ll be bringing his full modular hardware setup to the venue to bless us with a live set that will ramp up the tempo and quite possibly show us all who’s boss. We’re both excited and scared in equal measure. In his words “I’ll make sure it’s live, pounding and fast”. We can think of no way we’d rather welcome you all in.

Over 18s only. Behave on the door. Wear a smile. Last event sold out early so be wise and don’t turn up without a ticket!

Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!