12th April 2020 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Leeds-based band Mush are one of the most inventive young outfits on the grassroots scene right now: indicative of a new wave of UK guitar groups tackling politics head-on while negating any kind of dour earnestness in the process.

The band play guitar heavy alternative, experimental rock tunes akin to Sonic Youth, Pavement, The Fall, and Pixies, channelling a bunch of other influences descending from an alt-lineage that can be traced back to the likes of Can, Beefheart & Velvet Underground.

They also supported the one and only Stereolab, only a couple of months after those special Ramsgate shows…

Mush make their Ramsgate debut on April 12th!

“Fundamentally we identify as music fans as much as artists. I write music that I want to hear for my own enjoyment,” says vocalist / guitarist Dan Hyndman. “I’ve always admired people who can create visceral and inspiring art without carrying on as some transcendent being. Having your influences on your sleeve and being open is just an extension of that.”

There’s both consolidation and progression at play. The four-piece – Hyndman, guitarist Steve Tyson, bassist Nick Grant and drummer Phil Porter – are now cemented as more of a song writing entity than the “noise project” they would describe their early incarnation. Debut single “Alternative Facts” (released on a Too Pure Singles Club 7”) received regular radio play from Marc Riley, Steve Lamacq and Matt Wilkinson despite clocking in at a glorious ten minutes.

Mush have idiosyncrasies all of their own and their debut EP Induction Party is far more than an endearing homage to the bands listed above. Hyndman’s excitable half-sung, half-yelped vocal snipes and lolls around each song as though sometimes even he doesn’t know where the melody’s going to go next. There’s a sense that not a second of music’s been wasted, a refinement in the band’s song writing process that means nothing clocks in at over four minutes. On “Litvinenko” and Induction Party they prove themselves truly as a product of our time.

“Delivered with restless energy and no small amount of humour, Mush’s debut EP ‘Induction Party’ continues to mark them out as one of the best British indie hopefuls” – The Student Playlist (9/10 review)

“Mush wear their influences very much on their sleeves, but it’s not without its idiosyncrasies: vocalist Dan Hyndman’s drawn-out, mumbled discourse is barely coherent, but is a brilliant, defining force that sets the group apart”Loud and Quiet (9/10 review)