11th May 2024 9:00 pm - 12th May 2024 3:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

After a phenomenal debut event, Oldskool Roots returns with a birthday bash for Gravit-e, with headline sets from DJ VIBES & JIMMY J.

Both pioneering DJ’s and producers from the 90’s rave scene with some classic songs that you’re sure to recognise. We also have BBT, Pablo G and Gravit-e again, in addition to Real Deal

Jimmy J began his career in the music scene way back in the early 1990’s. Always a lover of breakbeat and dance he began to become a regular down Club Labrynth in Dalston, which was one of the biggest and most popular clubs of its era. He would spend every weekend listening to likes of Billy Bunter and Kenny Ken and knew that one day he would be up there on the decks! It wasn’t long before he got chatting to Joe the promoter and before he knew it jimmy was a resident DJ playing there every weekend.

DJ Vibes – the Hardcore Legend that has graced the decks in every town in England and represented the UK scene in Canada/Australia/Germany/Spain/Poland to name but a few. Everybody who has ever been rocked in a rave has at one time been charged from the uplifting power of Vibes’s music and personality. Flying the flag for Essex, UK since 1991 it has been a fantastic journey from writing and releasing numerous rave anthems since such as SING IT LOUD, FEEL FREE, RAVERS CHOICE, SWEET LOVE and remixing major league slammers such as SO IN LOVE, ABOVE THE CLOUDS, SMD and TECHNO WONDERLAND.