22nd April 2022 7:30 pm - 23rd April 2022 12:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Part Chimp have made it their business to shake speaker-stacks, fry brains and induce jouissance.

If you like your drums POUNDING and your riffs LOUD – you’re in for one hell of a show on April 22nd…

“Part Chimp are masters of us all” The Quietus

Drool is everything that makes Part Chimp the most intimidating primate fit to lay waste to a city near you. It’s a fearsome testimony to a band with a skewed melodic skill to match their mighty potency. Echoes of their forebears – the ornery prehistoric lurch of Melvins and the droogy ur-clang of Sonic Youth among them – can be distantly discerned, Yet they’re now drowned out by an individual assault as pulverising as invigorating, nihilistic yet life-affirming. This band will demolish your house, but you’ll cheerfully thank them for it afterwards.

With recording taking place between various studio sojourns across London, New York and Somerset, and the longtime trio of Tim Cedar, Iain Hinchcliffe and Jon Hamilton joined by appearances from both longtime four-stringer Joe McLaughlin and new recruit Robin Freeman, the emphasis here is on capturing the raw energy of the band in its purest form.

Smash together abandon and intent, and what you get is Drool. Drool is where unwise decisions blossom into serendipity. It’s more joy through vacuum-tubed catharsis than you’re entitled to. It’s coming for the hearts and minds of heavy music dropouts everywhere whether they like it or not, so they’d be best advised to pay attention.

“Part Chimp aren’t about machismo or terror, but the simple joy of ridiculously loud noise for its own sake. Drool finds them tightrope-walking the thin line between clever and stupid as brilliantly as ever”The Guardian

“A fantastically ugly, confrontational dirge of frazzled riffs and frayed tempers”Louder than War

“With a sound that’s all about overkill, not one note is wasted. These songs are as tight as any pop groups, just played with ear-splitting volume” Pitchfork