The Burning Hell & B​​.​​A. Johnston – Limited Edition 7″ Snot Green colour vinyl


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In collaboration with Brighton-based label Love Thy Neighbour, The Burning Hell and B.A. Johnston wanted to try to help some of their favourite grassroots venues in Canada and the UK stay afloat through the crisis, and this 7” is the result.

On The Burning Hell’s side, Mathias distils his coronavirus frustrations with “I Want to Drink in a Bar”BA Johnston sings about isolation from atop his toilet-paper throne on “Supreme Self-Quarantine” and adds a bonus oldie that nods at The Burning Hell’s side with “I Want to Drink in a Bar Filled with Aliens”. But as much as we’d all like to see Chewbacca take revenge on a Sublime-singing guy at open mic night, this record hopes that we won’t have to wait until we get to the Mos Eisley cantina to hang out with all of you in bars and venues again.


  1. The Burning Hell – I Want to Drink in a Bar

  2. B.A. Johnston – I Want to Drink in a Bar Filled with Aliens

  3. B.A. Johnston – Quarantine Supreme