3rd March 2023 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

We’re delighted to welcome London/Paris 3-piece A VOID to Ramsgate on Friday 3rd March, for a flurry of ferocious riffs that hark back to the days of Sonic Youth and Hole!

Energy and talent in abundance, this is not one to miss.

With support from Kristeen Young and Estelle Mey!

“If there was any justice in the world, A VOID would be the leading rock band in the world at the moment…Indieterria

A VOID are a self-styled 3 piece rock band based in London, UK. Two parts Parisian, one part Londonian, they fuse the spirit of sonic grunge to a DIY punk aesthetic fueled by Boursin Cheese and pickle juice. Influences include Sonic Youth, Hole, Deftones, Björk, Daniel Balavoine, Charles Aznavour.

If A VOID is made up of two French fries and one Englishman, evolving within the London scene, it is indeed US grunge that one thinks of when listening to the power trio. The trend is confirmed and goes even beyond with their sophomore album ‘Dissociation’…

The quite relative calm of melancholy and throbbing parts quickly destabilized by a fury of saturated riffs, signed Camille Alexander, supported by the omnipresent bass of Aaron Hartmann, and the powerful drums of Marie Niemiec. The singer couldn’t care less of conventions, her clear vocals giving way to garish peaks, when we least expect it! This sound package is combined with wild live performances, worthy of the great punk pundits, and an absurd and uninhibited attitude, for the sake of what makes the essence of the band: FUN.

“Brings to the forefront all the fears of emasculation while simultaneously empowering the feminine. Set aside your pride and dive into A VOID’s world”Still Listening

“A fun riot of a band that I could see again and again without getting bored of the antics”Brighton and Hove News