8th March 2024 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Mother Brain – AK/DK + Luo

The first Mother Brain show of 2024 sees two of our favourite duos blow the roof of RMH on Friday 8th March! AK/DK and Luo will each deliver a masterclass of electronic noise that features live drums, rocking riffs and sublime synths…

With AK/DK sporting a dual drums setup, this will be a feast for the eyes as well as the ears!

“A joyful storm of synth loops, beats and beeps – AK/DK play with passion, inventiveness and smiles plastered over their faces”Drowned In Sound

Even when artists say they they’ve discovered who they are on their latest record, it doesn’t really work that way. You never stop striving to discover more about yourself – that’s just being human; and it’s something that two-headed electronic rock party outfit AK/DK understand. As Ed Chivers and Graham Sowerby announce the release of their third album Shared Particles, it’s what makes the dual drums and synth pairing such an exciting prospect.

Shared Particles propels itself relentlessly forwards, thrusting onwards in pursuit of a finish point that may never come. The two-piece have always loved the motorik of the 70’s like Kraftwerk and Can, bands that revelled in the journey as much as the destination. They also describe themselves as “like a chunkier Devo” – and, yes, there’s a warmth to the textures of their music from the modular synths and other self-built pedals in their set up, while there’s a driving rhythmic constancy too.

Luo combine electronic music and sound design with live drums, riffs + synths. Inspired by IDM, Prog/Fusion, Folk, Metal, nice stuff, horrible stuff, film+videogame OSTs, old stuff, new stuff, Neo-Chilltronicajazziclassicore and things named & not named by science.

“Think Battles or Errors with the intensity turned right up, and possibly playing after a few gin-and-petrol cocktails”Clash on AK/DK

“Digitised riffs, fills, loops and sophisticated vibrancy. For those seeking future thinking electronica infused with post-rock ambience this is certainly worth diving headfirst into. Sometimes tranquil, sometimes thrashing, but always stimulating”Noizze on Luo