26th October 2024 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Following their outstanding performance last year, opening up for Opus Kink, we’re thrilled to welcome back Alien Chicks for a headline show!

A dynamic post-punk trio hailing from the streets of South London. Known for their electrifying blend of rap, jazz, and punk, the band has quickly become a fixture in the local music scene…

“Twisting and turning through elements of rap, ska, and jazz and touching on countless different time signatures, breaks and climaxes while maintaining a raw post-punk edge”Totally Wired

The Alien Chicks line-up features the vocals and sharp guitar work of Josef Lindsay, the pulsating basslines of Stefan Parker-Steele, and the explosive drumming of Martha Daniels. Together, they create a sound that is both raw and innovative, capturing the spirit of London’s underground music culture

The band’s journey began in grassroots venues across the city, in particular The Windmill, Brixton, where their high-energy performances and unique sound helped them build a loyal following. Their relentless gigging paid off, leading to sold-out shows at iconic spots such as The Lexington, and the 100 Club. Now, with their sights set on the MOTH Club, Alien Chicks are poised to take their place among the city’s most exciting new acts.

July marks a significant milestone for the band with the release of their debut EP ‘Indulging The Mobs’, a project that promises to capture the frenetic energy and genre-blending creativity of their live shows. Their rise has not been limited to London alone; they’ve also made waves across the UK and Europe, whilst also sharing stages with renowned acts such as Fat Dog, English Teacher, The Blinders, and Opus Kink.

Alien Chicks’ music is a testament to their diverse influences and fearless approach to genre. Whether delivering rapid-fire rap verses, intricate jazz-inspired bass riffs, or thunderous punk rhythms, they continue to push boundaries and defy expectations. As they prepare to release their debut EP and take their electrifying live shows to even larger audiences, Alien Chicks are undoubtedly a band to watch in the coming years.

“Alien Chicks offer a whimsical dive into genre weaving; a blistering and baffling show”aAh!

“Alien Chicks have a whole melting pot of influences in their music – and it works. They generate a sound which seems to emanate from a band double their size”God is in the TV