22nd April 2023 8:00 pm - 23rd April 2023 1:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Osborne and What presents an exciting new event with an all female line-up: Colliderscope, where music and art collide…

A benefit event for ‘Portraits of The Menopause’ book.

Osborne and What responds to important themes and local communities to create installations using photography, sound and interviews addressing issues which matter to those communities.

They direct, design and produce circus theatre shows, and collaborate with other companies and youth community groups. They make theatre shows using circus skills and techniques to help tell stories, and using circus equipment as theatrical set to create other worlds. Their shows are devised by the company and collaborators, use original soundtracks, and involve both actors and circus performers working to their individual strengths.

Osborne and What believe circus and movement can sometimes portray emotion better than words alone.