1st September 2023 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

We are incredibly stoked to welcome one of our favourite musical discoveries of recent years…

Eight-piece Norwegian outfit Drongo travel to Ramsgate on Friday 1st September, bringing with them their exhilarating fusion of krautrock, disco, afrobeat, electronica, noise rock, and whatever else they damn well feel like!

Take our word for it – this is unmissable.

“With a fast tempo and both shifting and repetitive soundscapes, Drongo captivates you in an absurd euphoria”Studvest.no

Drongo is an eight-piece collective of musicians that sounds like the bastard child of a Norwegian Space Disco DJ and early Krautrock. Their no-bullshit improvisational approach to making music translates into playful, organic and strange tracks that blend techno aesthetics and live musicians, inspired by everything from Lindstrøm to Lightning Bolt to Charles Mingus.

On September 1st, their third album ‘3’ will be released, where the band dives into a sea of captivating rhythms and playful themes in a stream of peculiar sounds and effects.

‘Laks’ is the first track shared from their upcoming third album. Laks is the Norwegian word for salmon, the only animal whose colour description refers to the inside, not the outside. Also the only animal in Norway whose farmed population threatens their wild population. One of a few animals that spend their lives both in fresh water and sea water, and one of many who dies when making children.

“The music ebbs and flows beautifully, locking into irresistible grooves and gradually bending them in different directions”Audioxide

“A mesmerising outfit to see live”Nordic Music Review