12th January 2020 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Dry Cleaning unite murky post-punk, Meghan Markle and really weird YouTube comments. The Fall for the modern day.

They are a 4-piece from South London channeling post-punk and new wave pop with a side order of low slung Americana. Their new EP ‘Sweet Princess’ is a kaleidoscope of images pieced together, where the everyday collides with the profound.

“The spoken-word and poetic lyrics are on par with Sleaford Mods, but with (only slightly) less swearing and put to quirky indie-post-punk music. It’s a strange combination, but Dry Cleaning pull it off perfectly”When the Horn Blows

Dry Cleaning came together in a somewhat atypical way — three musicians who’d already been through the ringer with failed projects, finding their spark with a frontwoman who had no musical experience. That’s also what makes them special, with Florence Shaw’s deadpan-then-vicious spoken word delivery adding a new twist on Dry Cleaning’s gritty post-punk. Her lyrics come from stray details and overheard conversations and YouTube detritus — the jumble of a mind in an era of too much information and too many stimuli, the outpouring of it all ultimately making Dry Cleaning somehow therapeutic.

“What comes next, given this band’s artfulness, intelligence and intent, will surely be worth following”The Quietus

“The London post-punk band’s lists and non sequiturs expose the absurdity of modern life from the inside”Pitchfork

“As far as debuts go, you’d struggle to find a more exciting offering this year”Under the Radar