24th November 2022 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

We’re ecstatic to welcome one of our favourite electronic artists of the 2010s and beyond!

Gold Panda releases a brand new record on Nov 11, before bringing his spectacular live show to Ramsgate on Nov 24…

“A truly eclectic blend of influences & disparate sounds, including eastern instrumentation & large swathes of noise, to create a unique spirit of adventure & individuality”CLASH

Mixing samples into a swirling yet laid-back stew, a musical mélange somewhere between DJ Shadow and Four Tet, London-based knob turner Gold Panda began to stir an underground buzz in the late 2000s. A retiring sort with the given name Derwin, Gold Panda began his electronic experiment as a lark in the late ’90s as a teenager, chopping up pop songs with abandon on his music producer uncle’s sampler. By his late twenties, he was remixing tracks for Bloc Party and Little Boots, and turning the ears of tastemakers with his original hip-hop and trance-laced compositions.

‘Before’ and ‘You’ were released in 2009, with ‘Lucky Shiner’ following soon after in 2010. After contributing a mix for the !K7 label’s DJ-Kicks series in 2011, Derwin did some traveling, which ultimately inspired an international music concept for his 2013 sophomore outing, ‘Half of Where You Live’. Shortly after the album dropped, a follow-up EP was released, entitled ‘Reprise’.

It would be three years until Gold Panda‘s next full-length, which came in the shape of 2016’s ‘Good Luck and Do Your Best’ on the City Slang imprint. Drawing inspiration from what the producer described as the unique qualities of the light in Japan during the April and October periods he was there, ‘Good Luck and Do Your Best’ had a noticeably warmer sound than its precursor. A much darker and more experimental EP titled ‘Kingdom’ appeared later in the year.

“It feels like the ravishing opium dream of a Victorian gentleman explorer, trying to recreate the exoticism of a long trip abroad through a prolonged period of narcosis”NME

“So pretty, so welcoming, so ridiculously clever. Imbued with shiny-eyed, open-hearted optimism”The Skinny

“Bound to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling”The Guardian