11th September 2022 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Irish five-piece Just Mustard make magnificent music that goes beyond the conventions of rock. Their songs are drenched in alluring atmosphere, with elements of shoegaze, trio-hop and dream-pop all in play…

They travel to Ramsgate on September 11th, following the release of their new album ‘Heart Under’ this spring!

“A two-toned masterpiece, flipping from hypnotic, smoky vocals to screeching industrial noise on the fly” – NME

Just Mustard are a band from Dundalk in Ireland, on the eastern border with Northern Ireland, but their sound is so huge, so loud, and powerful that it’s as if they’ve been touring the gritty venues of London and New York for decades. There’s so much rock history in these songs, so much of the past mashed together and reformed for a harsher modern sound that has just the right amount of sweet.

Crafting their own unique blend of noise, trip hop and electronic influenced music, Just Mustard released their debut album ‘Wednesday’ to critical acclaim in 2018. Their new album ‘Heart Under’ is out 27th May 2022. Across its 10 tracks, the album presents a coherent style and ethos – those scything guitars, Katie’s magical vocals – but still incorporates a wide and untethered vision. There are brooding, atmospheric rock songs and others that apply a lighter, dreamier touch, all tied together with impeccable instrumentation and a united vision.

On ‘Wednesday’, the band played with dreamier soundscapes and production techniques, and ‘Heart Under’ serves as the next stage of this development, with every instrument brilliantly pushed to its limit and every boundary of the band stretched.

“A surprising blend of post-rock and twisted trip-hop beats… heavy songs that sound like the colour purple”Loud and Quiet

“The band’s brand of atmospheric trip-hop-driven shoegaze distinguishes them from a lot of their brasher contemporaries”DORK

“An enormous and cathartic sound that burrows under your skin, gently croons in your ear, and pummels you around the head and face” – Overblown