29th June 2019 7:30 pm - 30th June 2019 12:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

The beloved LA duo are back! One of our favourite bands of recent years return for Round 3…

Desert Disco, Glam-a-Billy, Space Blues, R&Beyond. With their Bowie-inspired glam, innovative stage presence, and self-described space blues/desert disco sound, KOLARS are true originals in the scene.

“When I first saw KOLARS live, I was incredibly impressed! Their live dynamic is nothing like I’ve seen. The modified drum kit, the tap dancing, the amazing songwriting. They have it all! One of my new favorite artists.”Mike McCready of Pearl Jam

KOLARS is a band of two members. Rob Kolar sings and strums his rollicking guitar, Lauren Brown uses her whole body as a percussive instrument. she tap dances rhythms with her feet atop a bass drum while simultaneously playing a full stand-up drum kit. The two perform with energy, sweat and excitement – thrilling audiences with their unabashed exuberance.

Their support slot for Shonen Knife last year was the stuff of legends. It blew the audience away. Never before have we been had such a response from the RMH faithful, after witnessing a relatively unknown support band. It was obvious that we simply had to get them back. Rob lead the line with bluesy guitar grooves whilst Lauren had the crowd captivated with her tap-dancing drumming.

KOLARS recently released their new single Touch the Lightning. “A lot of our songs are quite personal,” Kolar tells Billboard. “I’m definitely inspired by those kind of alternative authors and thinkers,” Kolar notes, explaining that “Touch the Lightning” “is like a metaphor for tapping into a stream of consciousness or a frequency of realization…this idea you’re a conscious, awakening sort of thing.

Touch the Lightning is one of several KOLARS plans to release this year, leading up to the California duo’s sophomore album, most likely in early 2020. “I think that’s a cool way to do things,” Kolar says. “We tend to write songs that are not necessarily part of a collection; We like to keep the album feeling like a collection but we want each song to get attention and love, and this way people seem to get excited when we put out a new song — maybe more than they would if there were a bunch of new songs. It’s a much more versatile way of releasing music.”

“Instantly fell in love with their tantalising sonics, and their energetic, apocalyptic marvel”The Huffington Post

“Takes your heart by the hand and leads you to the dance floor, daring you to not feel motivated to dance, shimmy, just escape the mundane.”Consequence of Sound