12th November 2019 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Look Mum No Computer is the crazy, musical mind of Sam Battle. A YouTube star who has forged a career with ludicrously ambitious inventions, including Furby organs and synth bikes. He uses Gameboys and Furbies as his weapon of choice, blasting audiences with societally-engaged synthpop in all the colours of the video-rainbow.

We’re truly delighted to welcome this incredibly creative prodigy to Ramsgate this November. This promises to be one of the most unique and innovative live shows since our inception in 2013. Sam is a universally loved talent, but with him now living in Margate, this means that little bit more to the Thanet faithful…

“I just love catchy songs. So I let the machines be the weird, and the music can speak for itself…”Look Mum No Computer

Look Mum No Computer is a London based live electronic artist who takes his home made machines on the road to play loud music. Usually found in the workshop cooking up a new instrument, he avoids computers like the plague (unless he’s got to send an email). He’s a multi disciplinary artist with exhibitions of his work under his belt as well as many live shows; from squat raves in Berlin to Warehouse setups in London. You might have seen some of his inventions floating around the internet, from Bikes that have Synthesisers and drum machines built into them to 5000 Volt Jacobs ladder and Tesla coil Drum machines, all the way over to Flamethrower organs. Coupling these inventions with big songs the Look Mum No Computer live show is well worth checking out, as well as great music you’ll probably see a new home made obscure machine playing some beats.

“Fans seem to love Battle’s on-stage banter, which frequently veers into slapstick-theater comedy, and the unpredictability of his set. For them, it’s all entertainment — a musical-comedic hybrid similar to Flight of the Conchords and The Lonely Island”Engadget

“Banging synthpop to stick a pixelly middle finger up at the music industry rat race and, by extension, society in general. Come for the Furbies and stay for killer tracks like Modern Gas and Groundhog Day”Beursschouwburg