14th May 2022 7:30 pm - 15th May 2022 12:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

A night of unabashedly noisy and powerful music to shudder the senses: Pop. 1280 and Jessica93 travel to Ramsgate on May 14th for a special double-headline show!

One lavish evening of heavy punk, industrial and shoegaze. Grungy guitars and bleak beats await…

“Unabashedly grim noise-punk that conjures the dystopian futurism of an early David Cronenberg film, delivered with merciless brute force” Pitchfork on Pop. 1280

New York’s Pop. 1280 was formed in 2008 by Chris Bug and Ivan Drip, with the vision of rebelling against the music of the day and making their own soundtrack for the end times. Initially a noise rock outfit, the band has released five LPs and numerous singles integrating diverse influences of industrial, EBM, techno, and post-punk into their signature sound. In 2018, Matthew Hord joined Chris and Ivan, and this new trio embarked on a collaborative journey that saw the band shed their rock roots and turn their focus toward sequencers, drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers. Now, Pop. 1280 present their 2021 album, Museum on the Horizon, an industrial opus that epitomizes Pop. 1280’s drive to push themselves into new artistic territories, and to inspire each other to be bold and hold nothing back.

French one man project Jessica93 is a powerful and emotional force of hypnotic loops, grungy riffs and cold beats, all wrapped up in an impressive sense of delicate and to-the-point song writing. A sense of dream and romance is present in all his songs, sometimes numbed in an opiate high, sometimes as matter-of-fact melancholia. This isn’t some pedal-fest without substance, or, for that matter, a total downer – some of those beats sounds like John Bonham trapped inside an ice box, and the groove is undeniable. Something wants to reach out for sure, and on stage this part-shoegaze-part-grunge-part-cold-wave operation of one does just that: reaches out and goes for the stars. It might all get buried in a heap of dirty clothes once back on earth, but still.

“A rare treat. To enter its atmosphere is to gaze into the multi-eyed reflections of a splintered divining mirror, each shard a possible future dystopia lying ahead of an irrecoverable past” Tiny Mix Tapes on Pop. 1280

Using a mixture of synthetic and electric tones, he creates post-apocalyptic musical beddings for his awry yet calming vocal musings, evoking trashy themes wrapped melancholic warbles” Mothland on Jessica93