19th September 2024 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

We’re thrilled to welcome one of music’s most intriguing shapeshifters for a special solo show on Thursday 19th September!

Hailing from Chicago, Ryley Walker‘s style has ranged all over the place, from noisy avant-pop to homely Midwestern folk, all with a tinge of jazz and a virtuoso’s ear. A supreme songwriter and outstanding live performer…

“The ultimate two finger salute to anyone who has ever pinned him down as an artist chained to vintage inspirations: this exciting, moving, beautiful and complex album sounds only and exclusively like Ryley Walker”The Line of Best Fit (9/10 Review)

Illinois’ provincial town of Rockford, and settling into Chicago’s independent scene. After a slew of cassette and vinyl releases, Tompkins Square put out his debut album in 2014, which was then followed up by the Dead Oceans released Primrose Green a year later. His most recent album, Course in Fable, was released on his own Husky Pants Recordings label in 2021.

Having toured with the likes of Richard Thompson, and with a supporting slot for Dinosaur Jr. forthcoming—as well as a tremendous Bert Jansch tribute show behind him, wherein his hero Anne Briggs called him the ‘c word’—Walker has rubbed shoulders with the very best.

While, in the past, his desire to be as great as his influences may have dogged and hindered him from bringing his own personality to his music, now, Walker’s music is undeniably his. A mix of Twitter and sobriety may be partially responsible. “Music is an exciting thing I get to do because I’m alive and well. I take every opportunity I’m given very seriously; I’ve gotta pay tribute to that by staying alive and being as good to the people who love me as I can,” he said.

“Often dizzyingly joyful, but also thrillingly unpredictable, with complex, jazzy arrangements against which Walker’s phasing gently pushes and pulls”UNCUT

“In and out of the studio, Ryley Walker has been one of indie rock’s more colourful characters for a while now”DIY

“Had Primrose Green been recorded in the era it’s influenced by, it could well be among the records Ryley Walker would now be drawing inspiration from; high praise indeed”The Line of Best Fit