20th October 2022 7:30 pm - 21st October 2022 12:00 am Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Relentless, surreal, incendiary: Sinead O’Brien returns to Ramsgate for a headline show on October 20th! Almost three years after her stunning support slot with Dry Cleaning

Striking poetry delivered alongside sumptuous rhythms and catchy guitars. Irresistible!

“There is no one else who can satisfy that specific, jangly, Television style, David Lynchian post-punk thirst”Post Trash

Sinead O’Brien operates inside her own atmosphere as she constantly forms her response to the contemporary world she moves through. With the release of her debut album the artist is blazing a trail into the new – always questioning, and asking you to join her.

“You have seen nothing yet”, asserts O’Brien – and you are inclined to believe her. The multifaceted Irish poet, songwriter and performer is ascending into new territory with her debut LP, Time Bend and Break the Bower, released via Chess Club Records on June 10th.

In the space that exists between her delivery – at once wry, silky, vicious, self-assured – and the music – a dynamic, dancing call-and-response from her collaborators, guitarist Julian Hanson and drummer Oscar Robertson – lies a productive tension. O’Brien carves out her own space as a musical oracle for an ever-shifting era.

“There’s little escaping her mystic power”Loud and Quiet

“Starkly cold, yet refreshingly truthful throughout. Sinead and the listener coexist in a sort of shared detachment, restlessly examining the duality of the world around them” DIY

“Such intimacy and rhythm lie within her music, reeling the audience irresistibly in”Gig Wise