9th June 2021 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ


Audio Serenity

Nils Frahm

It is simple really. Music makes you feel better.

We could go into how this is an ‘immersive merging of meditation and music’ and that we are ‘unifying sonics and silence’ (original copy) but in reality, for times like these, who needs more serious?!

These events are in existence due to already serious and strange times.

We are really missing being in venues listening and watching live performances and interacting with the people and spaces we know as enjoyment filled. So, we thought it best to do what we can with the tools we have and invite you along…

We will pick an impeccably produced record we love and play it start to finish on vinyl on the beautiful sound system at Ramsgate Music Hall. The room will be dark to focus your hearing. You will be seated (for safety) with your friends. You will be sipping on a drink that the team feels represents the album. We will add some smells that we feel represent the record. If you choose to meditate through this or sit their Clockwork Orange strapped-eye style tapping toes and grinding jaw is entirely up to you. We do ask that you keep noise to a minimum whilst the record is playing though so not to disturb those around you. We will flip the vinyl/s for natural breaks. If you wish, you and your group can join us at your pre-allocated seats upstairs afterwards for another beverage and chat about your experience of what just happened, memories of the record or about whatever you like – It’s a bar after all! Although please do not have too much fun and definitely be ready to crawl back under your rock for 10pm or the Boris brigade will have your guts for garters.

Back to serious, we all need music and positive (safe) human interaction right now – especially the venue and its staff – so we look forward to seeing some friendly faces old and new in the space love having eargasms.

Till then, keep safe.

The Dance and Ramsgate Music Hall

  • £15 entry per person with seats sold in pairs and pods of 4. This price includes an arrival drink per person.
  • 19:30 Doors – event starting once all are seated comfortably
  • Limited to 18 seats only
  • NB the artists mentioned will not be performing live nor will they be at the venue to sign your records.


Ramsgate Music Hall are operating in accordance with UK government guidelines in order to create a safe space for you to enjoy the event. To that affect the following measures are being taken:

Facemasks to be worn at all times unless seated.

Physical distancing at 2m where possible.

Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser available throughout the venue.

Compliant with NHS Track & Trace via the NHS COVID-19 App and venue records.

Staggered entry and exit.

If you are feeling unwell or have been notified of contact with someone who is/potentially unwell, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND.

Tickets will only be available in pairs and pods of 4 in order to maximise social distancing in the venue.

A full drinks menu will be provided on your arrival and all refreshments will be delivered straight to your seat. We will also be running a WhatsApp order service as well.

If a performance is cancelled due to Coronavirus restrictions it will be rescheduled and your tickets will be transferred over. In the event the performance cannot be rescheduled you will be given a full refund minus the ticket booking fee.

A thorough cleaning regime will be employed before and after every performance in compliance with the UK government guidance. Due to our distancing measures toilet capacity will be reduced so please be mindful when queuing to use the facilities.


Wed 26th May
Kid A

Wed 9th June
Nils Frahm

Wed 16th June
Michael Kiwanuka