13th February 2022 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

Tapeworms bring their electronic-tinged shoegazey guitar pop from France on February 13th!

Drawing inspiration from StereolabThe Jesus and Mary Chain, whilst also borrowing sounds from video games & J-pop… a delightful blend of delicious tones.

“This trio mix dissonance and drone with big pop melodies, gleaming synthesizers, dance beats and harmony laden vocals”Brooklyn Vegan

It’s in the heart of 2018’s summer, settled in the youth cultural centre of their hometown, that Margot, Théo and Eliott start composing what will become ‘Funtastic’. Soon the atmosphere surrounding them modelled a made-to-measure environment full of vivid colours and all kind gym mats. A welcome return to roots which gave them confidence to emerge from the usual bass, guitar, drum pattern.

Tinged by summer softness, the first songs of this session will soon confront new life experiences. Relatives’ loss and personal issues led to major changes for the band members. It all resulted in a simple need : look to the future. ‘Funtastic’ name symbolises their search for a new horizon charged with nostalgia, bittersweet recklessness and positivity.

In 33 minutes, ‘Funtastic’ brings noisy pop songs into electronic, rock songs into experimental playgrounds and offers synth pop lullabies breaks. On this album, Tapeworms convey forgotten self promises, inner demons, face challenges and bet on luminous outcomes. Debut album ‘Funtastic’ Released on 25th of September on Cranes Records, Howlin Banana Records and Coypu Records.

“Funtastic, their debut album, radiates those shiny ’90s vibes right down to the album title. It still sounds like the future”Brooklyn Vegan

“Awash with synths and electronica… the band borrow from J-Pop and the world of video-games to give it an extra twist”Louder Than War