27th May 2023 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm Ramsgate Music Hall - CT11 8NJ

We’re pleased to welcome Belgian band The Guru Guru to Ramsgate on Saturday 27th May for an electric night of demented, delicious noise!

While influences are drawn from the likes of METZPere UbuDeerhoofThe Jesus Lizard, The Mars Volta & Andy Kaufman, the indie-math-psycho-noise rulebook is torn apart, resulting in erratic songs that somehow seem to develop into wriggling earworms.

“If you fancy feeling like you’ve walked into an expressionist painting, this is the right band for you; bold strokes and bright ideas that often clash or feel jarring, but somehow just work, in ways you wouldn’t expect”Distorted Sound

The Guru Guru have been happily dealing in Borderline Rock. Imagine: lead vocals wearing a multicolored strait-jacket, haunted by feverish guitars and a tormented rhythm section.

Praised for their live performances, The Guru Guru is a must-see… with palpable, electric energy oozing from the stage, vocalist Tom Adriaenssens balances on the verge of theatrical psychosis.

After the release of their 2nd full album ‘Point Fingers’ and the loss of their built up momentum because of the Covid-19 crisis, the band wants to show the world that they won’t be discouraged. The Guru Guru strikes back with new songs that wriggle themselves into your ears and live songs taken from the ‘Point Fingers’ album to try and forget the past year as fast as possible.

On this EP you can hear the band experimenting with industrial sounds and spaces. Bass player Brent Mijnendonckx records the sound of heavy machinery at the factory he works at, samples it and then uses his magical sound design skills. This way the band takes a next step into their musical journey. They keep on pushing and scouring their boundaries. Nothing is impossible.

“Eccentric, genre-defying and very engaging to hear” Kerrang

“The Guru Guru continues to dazzle in their weirdness, and stray further from any box you’ve tried to put them in. They’re definitely amongst the most original bands in the underground”Hard Beat