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  • 6th September

    6th September

    Beak> are Billy Fuller, Geoff Barrow & Matt Williams.

    Yes, that Geoff Barrow of PORTISHEAD.

    They are from Bristol and signed to Invada Records. Beak> have released two albums and a few singles.

    The band have played several European & US tours and have toured with The Horrors, Chris Cunnigham, Savages and Earth.

    A new Beak> EP was released this Summer.
    It’s very good.

  • CUZ in town... The genius that is Mike Watt

    CUZ in town... The genius that is Mike Watt

    If you hadn’t realised, we have MIKE WATT of Minutemen fame in town along with his good friend SAM DOOK of the magnificent The Go! Team…


    That’s a night… the album is terrific, and this is their first ever show!

  • Seeerious Bass – Goes Butterz!

    Seeerious Bass – Goes Butterz!

    This Saturday we have the very fine Butterz Records in the house fronted by label Bosses Elijah & Skilliam

  • Those Trembling Bells return...

    Those Trembling Bells return...

    Last seen in Ramsgate late last year touring with Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band. This return is delivering their 5th Album ‘The Sovereign Self’ which is a whole different beast.

    Much darker with guns blazing from the 1st track, driving, dramatic and at times hallucinatory work, filled with a great sense of tension and release; a witches’ brew, a psychedelic stew mixing up the range of the band’s musical interests – everything from ramshackled ballads to ancient May Day chants, swaggering acid rock to swirling prog epics.

    Alex Neilson and his crew’s return is much anticipated, come see for yourself.

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