1. Blood Sport vs GIANT SWAN
  2. The Lovely Eggs
  • Post Election 'Blow out!'

    Post Election 'Blow out!'

    Jubilant or furious?

    Tonight (Friday 8th May)… erase the last few months anxiety and come down the to the Music Hall and dance yourself stupid!


    Night includes, furious live performances, dj sets and general kaleidoscopic dance mayhem!

  • VANT – New Thrashy Rockes hit town!

    VANT are about to happen.
    If 84-second debut Parasite is anything to go by, these lads tick a lot of very cool rock n roll boxes – the brevity of Fire Engines, the snarl of Iggy, a pinch of Supergrass.

    Zane Lowe made VANT his Next Hype and gave Parasite three plays in one show. The excitement is building as they head into a relentless touring schedule of festivals over the summer ahead of the release of a debut album later this year.

    Hailing from Seaham, Stockholm, Swansea and Blackpool, VANT are an unlikely fusion of cultures and accents, but this is a real band with enough visceral impact to earn a support slot with Royal Blood, The Bohicas and Hinds.

    Some describe VANT as a cross between The Kinks and the Pixies, to which the band adds its own distinctive punky rasp and short-attention-span energy.

    Let’s hope Parlophone, the record company that signed these guys in a frenzy of bidding earlier this year, can capture their raw energy on disk. Be among the first to catch them live at the Ramsgate Music Hall on April 30. We’ll be able to say we were there.

    Support by Maidstone’s EAT ME!

  • Shit and Shine _ Friday night bomb shell!

    Shit and Shine _ Friday night bomb shell!

    Utter madness and excitement unfurl this Friday night.
    Miss it, don’t be a dumbo!

  • Hundreds... finest synth-pop!

    We love Hundreds, and I’m going hoarse telling Darkest Kent to listen to ‘Aftermath’ their great new album – Pop down tonight and take a look for yourself!

    What’s not to LOVE!

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